I’ve been shopping…

27 January 2006

As my crafty co-bloggers know, my old sewing machine(that’s it on the right) died just before Christmas. It had been slowly declining, first refusing to do zig zag, then losing all control in the pedal (ie, can sew at verybloodyfast or not at all), then having occasional bouts of random tension problems and finally refusing to do anything other than gobble expensive fabric into the feed-dogs until no more would fit, snapping the needle and resentfully regurgitating the ruined fabric only when threatened with a screw driver. I don’t know how it knew the difference between expensive fabric and cheap stuff, but it did, and it never ate cheap fabric. Kind of like a poverty-stricken but snobbish elderly relative.

Any-WAY: Thanks to the generosity of my Ma, I now have a shiny new machine (left). It goes forwards and backwards and does buttonholes all by itself and has eleventy-gazillion stitches which I’ll probably never use, and it threads its own needles.

And it came with a $50 fabric voucher at Tessuti, which, totalfavouritefabricshopintheWORLD, I promptly spent on these:

The green one will soon be a pretty summer dress (hopefully before summer ends), the stripes will be wear-to-work pants and the brown and orange I don’t know but I’m open to suggestions. It’s very very light cotton. Ideas?



3 January 2006

This is the second thing I made after I learnt to knit and made a scarf. The pattern comes from a book by Rowan. You can see the original pattern here. I left out the beads because I thought they’d be difficult.

The yarn is Rowan 100% cotton. It has a picot hem (left), which is very easy to do (knit a few rows in
stocking stitch, then do this sequence for one row: knit 1, take the yarn over the needle, knit 2 together. then go back to stocking stitch).

Around the neck is a picot cast off, which takes a bit of concentration (cast on 1, slip 1, cast on 2, cast off 4). If making it again I would put a few extra rows on the torso as it’s a bit short for me. The Rowan parterns are really good though – very easy to follow and their knitting magazines actually have patterns for things you’d consider wearing (rather than Jenny Kee colour explosion horrors)

Granny Squares Galore

3 January 2006

I started making this rug in 2001 when an epidemic of crocheting and knitting went round my workplace (big shout out to Broges, who taught me to crochet!). Originally I was going to make a vest, but that was too complicated so I switched to a rug. I did want the rug to be double bed sized but the dark brown wool was discontinued so I had to size the rug to suit the number of brown squares I had.

The wool is Jo Sharp 8-ply, and the colours are Cherry (309), Cape (508), Linen (335) and Khaki (329 – discontinued). Lovely and soft and workable as this wool is, if I was starting again I would use something cheaper.

The rug was finished in 2004. If I’d known then how to join the squares by crochet (instead of stiching them by hand), it may have been done sooner.