3 January 2006

This is the second thing I made after I learnt to knit and made a scarf. The pattern comes from a book by Rowan. You can see the original pattern here. I left out the beads because I thought they’d be difficult.

The yarn is Rowan 100% cotton. It has a picot hem (left), which is very easy to do (knit a few rows in
stocking stitch, then do this sequence for one row: knit 1, take the yarn over the needle, knit 2 together. then go back to stocking stitch).

Around the neck is a picot cast off, which takes a bit of concentration (cast on 1, slip 1, cast on 2, cast off 4). If making it again I would put a few extra rows on the torso as it’s a bit short for me. The Rowan parterns are really good though – very easy to follow and their knitting magazines actually have patterns for things you’d consider wearing (rather than Jenny Kee colour explosion horrors)

2 Responses to “Pinknit”

  1. Sponky said

    How cute is this shirt! I would love one if I still lived down south…

    Did you really knit this by hand? The needles must have been TINY.

  2. Girl Genius said

    Yup the needles were 3mm / 3.5mm and 4mm.

    I only wear it in winter becuase it’s a bit thick for summer despite being cotton.

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