Baby Snuggly-ness

10 February 2006

Ta-da! I have finally finished the baby rug for my cousin’s baby. I started it in March 2005, for a baby who was due in July. Sadly, my cousin miscarried, and I put the half-done blanket away because I was too sad to work on it.

A few months later, my cousin was pregnant again, so out came the blanket project again and I knitted furiously with my fingers crossed against another miscarriage. The baby was born on 26th January, and two weeks later, I finished the blanket.

It’s knitted in one big piece with intertarsia joins between the different colours. The border was done last, after picking up stitches all round the edge. The body of the blanket is stocking stitch, with each square the reverse of the one next to it. The border is moss stitch. The finished blanket is about 120cm square, but she’s a very small baby – only 4 pounds at birth.