A Plethora of Craftiness

4 November 2006

I haven’t had a computer at home for some time, so here’s a few bits I’ve done over the last few months

Dresses for Maddie (my cousin’s baby) – using 1930’s reproduction fabric from Quiltsmith. Having seen her in them, if I was making them again I’d make them fasten at the shoulder rather than the back, because it’s hard to get a cranky crying wriggly baby out of a dress that does up at the back and pulls over the head.

Kimono cardiagan for Maddie. 100% baby alpaca so it’s super soft. From a pattern by Erika Knight.

Bear for E-Chan using leftover wool. Very quick – took about 3 hours in total. Also from an Erika Knight pattern.

Scarf for Miss E – using leftover felted wool from another project. Embroidery patterns from Beginners Guide to Japanese Embroidery.

Hat box – this is verging on Tonya Todman I know, but I needed somewhere to keep my winter hat away from the dust and moths. I sewed the fabric together first and then slid cardboard between the two layer to make it stiff. The lid and base use foamboard for rigidity.

Shelves. I did an 8-week evening class in woodwork, and this was my project. I didn’t get it finished because I missed one class, but it’s at a stage where I can finish it off in my dad’s shed. The shelves will go in the kitchen to hold the stereo, some CDs, and other bits and pieces (and replace the two plastic crates that are there now)

Mini-kitty out of scrap wool. Now it just needs a home.

Mittens for DJ Bebe.

This might not count as crafty, but I did a Saturday morning class in Japanese flower arranging, and this was my arrangment.

Plus a work in progress just to keep you guessing