I see red! Refashion project no. 1

3 June 2007

Found this red sleeveless poloneck at Glebe Markets for $5. I didn’t like the poloneck (hate things touching my throat), but loved the warm red colour, the length, the pocket, and that it was obviously hand-knitted.

redvest - before

So I unravelled the poloneck down to 4 rows of stitching, popped them on some circular needles, knit one row and cast them off again. The first time I had too-small needles, and couldn’t get it over my head; so I had to unravel and start again.
After a quick once-over with a razor to remove the pilling, I have a sleeveless vest – perfect to wear to work over button-up shirts or over t-shirts on the weekend.

redvest -after2

redvest - after


6 Responses to “I see red! Refashion project no. 1”

  1. Nichola said

    WOW! It looks so much better. Great colour too.

  2. Kat said

    So cute! I love it.

  3. thesecretpocket said

    Great job!

  4. Tanya said

    Such a simple fix but completely changes the look of it, you did a great job!

  5. jenny said

    brilliant! I’m inspired. Woudl never have dared do something like that. A gorgeous top that I think I’d buy in the shops if it was sold… w hich is a bit naughty given we’re all meant to be refashioning..

  6. Ali said

    Thanks for your lovely comments everyone!
    Just a few tips if you decide you want to do this or something similar:
    – Don’t cut it off, just snip through one strand at the edge, and unravel from there (you’ll also get a bonus little ball of wool that you can use later to mend with or make something else).
    – When you pick up the stitches to knit and cast off, use a smaller needle first to pick them up then transfer to the correct size before you knit.
    – You can use your unraveled wool to knit a small square to check your tension/gauge (I did this after I’d picked up and knitted on 3mm needles and found that the hole was too tight to go over my head)
    – A small crochet hook is useful for hooking up dropped stitches when you are picking up.

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