Grey skies and grey skeins

11 June 2007

It’s been a wet long weekend in Sydney – perfect weather for finishing off a knitting project. I have a real thing about grey this winter. I’ve realised it’s actually more versatile and flattering than black, which used to be my goes-with-everything colour.

I was stoked to find this pattern in (of all places) K-Mart* but not liking the Cleckheaton wool, I converted the pattern to fit some nicer wool I had stashed.

Harmony 100% wool from Naturally Yarns. Soft but not fluffy 10-ply underspun.



It’s knitted in one big piece: start at the right cuff, go up the right arm, splitting for the neck and front flaps; then back down the left arm. Sew up the side and sleeve seams and you’re done.

The hardest part was choosing the buttons:

These were the winners:
button details

I’m pleased with how it turned out; and especially pleased to have finished it at the beginning of winter rather than (as usually happens) having it half finished by the end of winter and abandoning it.

*for those overseas readers, K-Mart in Australia is cheap and nasty all over, and occasionally in winter carries a shelf of ghastly acrylic yarn, the type that makes you feel dirty when you touch it. And not in a good way.

7 Responses to “Grey skies and grey skeins”

  1. Tanya said

    I love your sweater. It looks great on you. Fancy – KMart, who would have thought it! Maybe I will have to stop being such a yarn snob and have a little snoop around!

  2. sewjenny said

    Hi! Great cardigan, and looks fab on you. I bought that pattern book for that pattern, too!
    Know what you mean about kmart – great description. I was surprised to see some patons and cleckheaton wools there, and at a lower price than the other shops I go to, but they had one or two balls of any of the good colours… and I wasn’t hopeful they could get more of anything anytime soon!
    Love your site – found it through refashion.


    PS I’m interested in your conversion of the pattern from 8ply to 10ply. How did you do that? Did you learn the general principles, is there a book? I’ve seen/heard of a book called The Knitting Architect.

  3. Ali said

    Hi sewjenny,
    I’m going to write that up as a post tonight, because it’s too long to do in the comments 🙂

  4. sewjenny said

    thanks Ali! Looking forward to reading and learning!

  5. boodely said

    Great job – the sweater looks wonderful. And I know what you mean about grey being the new black…

  6. postmodernhousewife said

    gorgeous! I’m going to have to make one. Heavens, there’s a lot of knitting in it.

  7. Ali said

    Not as much knitting as you think because it’s fairly uncomplicated and uses thick wool and big needles

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