the quickest refashion ever

24 June 2007

So quick I didn’t even take a before photo!

grey skirt

This pure wool rib-knit skirt came from Glebe Markets. In original form it was ankle-length, and I used to wear it with coloured tights and clumpy Doc Martens. I’ve kind of grown out of that look, so I was going to cut it up and make it into a top. But last week I passed a woman in the street wearing a knee length knit skirt with flat boots and a jacket and she looked fantastic. So, change of plan. I cut the skirt off at the length I wanted; and ironed on a strip of very light interfacing around the hem, to keep it from fraying and stretching. Too easy.

2 Responses to “the quickest refashion ever”

  1. Lisa said

    Very flattering fit! And, it doesn’t look like a re-fashion!

  2. Ali said

    I know! I wore it to work yesterday and a colleague wouldn’t believe me – insisted that she’d seen the exact same skirt in Witchery.

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