just in case anyone should think i am obsessed with grey and red

27 June 2007

(which I may be, and I’m sure there’s therapy out there somewhere for me)

This is my project pile; which contains navy and caramel and white and stripes and brown and green.

project pile


5 Responses to “just in case anyone should think i am obsessed with grey and red”

  1. Sally said

    Hey I recognise that brown and blue one! Hope you can make something groovy out of it, since I failed to… And I like the look of that lemony yellow one – and the dragonflies have definite potential too.

  2. Ali said

    Brown and blue is going to be a dress, I hope! Lemon yellow is becoming a bag. Dragonflies I bought to make a skirt, but I may change my mind on that.

  3. Sofie BN said

    Hey Ali!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Really like reading and looking at what you have been doing! Keep on crafting!

  4. I love the colors. Actually red is a color for those who are on the go. Those who tend to make quick decisions and don’t like a lot of trivial STUFF – tend to like red. It is vibrant and brings out the natural color tones in most people, particularly females.

    Congratulations on your designs.

  5. Ali said

    Not sure about that, Letting Go Pro – I am the biggest procrastinator I know and agonize over decisions 🙂

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