happy birthday to me part the second

15 July 2007

I love getting late birthday presents, especially when I find them on the verandah after a long cold exhausting day.


From Sally aka DJ Bebe, comes:

  • 1 book of fanciful hats to knit.
  • 1 sack of thrifted tapestry wool. Is it OK to knit with, can anyone tell me? Or felt?
  • 3 pieces of funky thrifted fabirc which have been cut out as a dress. Sally suggests making a bag or a skirt out of them but I am tempted to see if the dress will fit.
  • 1 ceramic beed bracelet
  • Some pretty trim
  • 1 necklace from Miss Minnie

miss minnie necklace

Thanks! My cup (and my storage) runneth over.

3 Responses to “happy birthday to me part the second”

  1. Go ahead and knit with the tapestry wool! I have a huge box of thrifted tapestry/needlepoint wool I thought would make fabulous mittens.

    It should felt fine, too.

  2. Miss Dot said

    Hello! that is my pendant! wow, where did you get that? I don’t remember selling any of those, I did send one out as a prize once…. Lovely to see it featured! cheers

  3. Ali said

    Hi Miss Dot,
    I got it as a gift from my friend Sally – maybe she won your prize?

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