19 July 2007


Finally I’ve got my blogroll together for this blog (WordPress being a touch picky about allowing java apps and therefore requiring me to put every link in manually. It’s just like the old days of html 1.0 and geocities, no?). Scroll down to the bottom to see it (WordPress being a touch picky about allowing me to play with the template).

When I do the rounds of my favourite craft and design blogs, I get an impression of tranquillity. Of long days without hurry, filled with beautiful objects and the elation of creating. Of time. Of taking time. Of there being time to take. Even when I look at my blog.

Perhaps my blog’s a way of pretending to myself that I live this tranquil unhurried life. A fantasy where the tyranny of full-time paid work doesn’t dominate, an electronic ‘la-la-la I can’t hear you’? (It might just be ego and ‘look at me!’) Or maybe my blog’s a shrine to a part of life I value – it venerates the short times when I can take time. I find myself envying the bloggers I visit, because you only show me that one side of your life, the beautiful quiet inspired part of your existence. And I believe you, that it’s like that.

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