socks for my feets

29 July 2007


black and grey striped socks, using Jigsaw sock yarn.

I hope you appreciate that photo because I had to go through amazing contortions to get it – lying on my back on the couch with my feet waving in the air. I didn’t have a pattern for these, I kind of made it up and found an on-line tutorial to do the heel. Next time, I’ll not make the leg part rib – it doesn’t look good on and it is slower than stocking stitch.

They’re very light and cosy and I love how they hug my feet. It’s fun to knit something that’s finished quickly. Not quite instant gratification but much more instant that making a jumper.

3 Responses to “socks for my feets”

  1. Cathy-Cate said

    Happy feet! Great yarn, great socks.

  2. Jodie said

    Ooh… I love your socks!!! The yarn is gorgeous. I love the way stipey yarn works. It just looks like a big ball of mixed up colour and then like majic it’s turned into stripes. I just love it!!! By the way the picture is great too. It’s hard at the best of times to take a pic of yourself let alone upside down, well done!

  3. melissa said

    those are lovely. there’s nothing like the feeling of wearing your own handknitted socks, is there?

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