instant gratification

8 August 2007

I go through phases of long slow projects and phases of short quick ones. Lately I’ve been working on the former (like this top) and reading up on tailoring and shirtmaking.

This morning I was browsing Erleperle’s site and saw her gorgeous little zakka pouch. I wanted, nay, needed one right away. When I got home from work I went straight to my fabric stash and whipped one up before dinner


:: cotton pouch with trimming from superbuzzy and lining from prints charming ::


It’ll do nicely to for taking knitting from place to place. Thanks for the inspiration, Erleperle.


4 Responses to “instant gratification”

  1. Mette said

    I like it, Ali. A great project don’t you think..!? Great for gift wrapping! I think a have the fabric with the threes and the birds. I’am looking forward to see more projects from you! 😉

  2. Sally said

    I see you retained your crafty inspiration all through the work day – good for you! I totally understand, bebe. Bag looks very lovable and useful.

  3. Ali said

    thanks guys 🙂 It was so frustrating though, to be stuck at work when I was itching to get started!

  4. Missy said

    delightful little pouch…perfect for just a few items whilst weekend rummaging. I believe I “need” one right now too 😉 Off to dig through my stash.


    p.s. love your blog!

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