12 August 2007

Last weekend Ms J arrived on sunday morning bearing gifts of wine and fabric and ideas. And one of the ideas was this: turn an unworn wrong-length scarf into a obi-belt-wrap-around-button-up thing like so:


Great idea, no? I tried it out as soon as Ms J left. This is my original scarf:


And this is it as a obi-belt-wrap-around-button-up-thing:


Thanks Ms J! Sorry to gazump you, but we’ll do the same with yours next time (hers is much prettier blue paisley on a creamy silk background, and we have divine vintage buttons to go with it).

2 Responses to “obi-belt-wrap-around-button-up-thing”

  1. miss j said

    very extremely lovely!! You even did covered buttons, my (new after seeing some of your covered buttons) favourite!! I can see you obi with swanky slinky evening tops or sassy office T-shirt tops. yes yes let’d do mine soon.

  2. lilbooger said

    I have to do this! Does this mean I can buy fabric for it? No, no, I should use what I have… darn.

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