19 August 2007

I’m a bit disappointed with this bag. I thought about it and planned it so long, and it’s still not quite right. I thought it was going to be too small, and instead it’s too big. I wanted it rounder, and softer. And I’m not sure the asymmetrical straps were a good idea.
Anyway, can’t win ’em all eh? Wouldn’t want my readers to think I’m perfect!
The fabric is 100% cotton canvas, by Etsuko Furuya for Echino via superbuzzy. The handle was a thrifted leather belt, which is why it has tear-drop-shaped ends.

:: covered buttons hold the strap down ::

:: interior pocket and key strap ::

9 Responses to “wasps”

  1. Often we are our own worst critics, at least I am mine… 🙂 I am not a big fan of wasps, but I like this bag and love the thrifted belt handle. The colors work nicely together and I hope you receive tons of compliments from others.

  2. Sally said

    I like it too – the red in the handles really brings out the little wasps.

  3. Mette said

    Disappointed….?! No way! It’s great and the red colour is perfect. 😉

  4. Claudia said

    Well, I think it’s lovely 🙂

  5. Ali said

    Thanks, you lovely people. I hope it didn’t seem like I was fishing for compliments – it was just so annoying not to be able to get the shape in my head into real life.

  6. It’s gorgeous, really.

  7. melissa said

    I found this bag via mixtape, and I think it’s cool. Are you selling it? Love the colors and the shape.

  8. Henriette said

    Well, I love it…you should too…

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