no thanks, I’m on a diet

24 August 2007

These are pictures taken in my room


:: clockwise from top left: my chest of fabrics; a clothes rack of extra fabric and clothes for refashioning; new fabric bought today; the overflow pile from the chest.

This is an article which points out, among other things, that every dollar spent on discretionary consumption in Sydney generates 720g of greenhouse gas and uses 28 litres of water.

This is an exhibition I went to last weekend, full of objects up to two thousand years old.  That’s how long ‘stuff’ persists for, long after the original designer is dust.

This cannot go on.

My fabric stash is demanding lebensraum. It is taking over. It is so large it will quite likely never be used up in my lifetime.  I’m also, quite frankly, a hypocrite – swearing off clothes shopping and replacing it with fabric shopping.

I hereby pledge, with you as my witnesses, that I will purchase no more fabric until the current stash is reduced to manageable levels. I will purchase no more thrifted clothing. And I will come up with a strategy to actively reduce the pile – making a list of stuff I need to make, making Christmas presents, giving fabric to people who can use it, maybe even making a foray into Etsy.

Because this cannot go on.

5 Responses to “no thanks, I’m on a diet”

  1. Sally said

    I hear you babe! I have pledged to ‘use what I have’ for August but I think it is going to take much longer to get my stash to ‘manageable levels’.

    Check out the flickr group

  2. Good for you!

    I’ve managed to stop buying fabric, but I’m having trouble laying off the yarn. Every purchase has a plan, but my time is finite, so when exactly do I think I will find the time to make all these projects, when it takes 2 weeks to make a baby sweater??!?

    I have more yarn in my bedroom than clothes.

    The fabric is in large bins in the garage and basement. I keep making the excuse that I used to sew for a living, and that these are the leftovers, but when, really, am I going to use THAT much fabric?

    Thanks for leading the way.

  3. Oooh, this was me the other day! I went to the thrift store and vowed to only spend $15 or less and that I could only buy things that I had definite immediate plans for…spent less than $10 and I have already used some items and plan on using the others in projects very soon.

    I think creative types like to have stash for when inspiration strikes! 😉

  4. Mette said

    Is it possible not to buy fabric…?! I wish I could take a break. I try, I really do! I have started a list off stuff I need to make for christmas. You can join the flickr group “12 projects in 2007”. You just have to make a project for each month, BUT you have to make it with something from stash. 🙂 Mette

  5. Ali said

    Both those flickr groups would help, I think. I sorted the fabric stash into keep / chuck / maybe last weekend and that made things feel mmore manageable. Anyone want the stuff I don’t want?

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