free pattern for the wasp bag

31 August 2007

Did I say I was disappointed with how this bag turned out?  I’ve changed my mind. I’ve been carrying it for a week and it’s very roomy without feeling big and awkward. And, I have had so many compliments here are at wardrobe refashion and on Flickr, how could I not like it?

So, if you would like to make your own wasp bag, you can download the pattern from here. I hope the instructions are clear – it was so hard to get it out of my head and onto paper with words and pictures. I would love any feedback you might have, so that I can improve it.  Happy sewing!


64 Responses to “free pattern for the wasp bag”

  1. Mette said

    Thank you, sweety. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

    • Blanca said

      Thank you so much for the pattern! I’ve already made 3 🙂
      I can send you the images if you want to.

  2. melissa said

    this looks extra extra cute! Thanks for taking the time to make it available as a download. 🙂

  3. Belinda said

    I just came from Flickr, thanks for the time spent on writing up the instructions. I will be sure to let you know if I make one!

  4. meiyi said

    thanks for the free pattern!! 🙂 much appreciated! i can’t wait to sew myself one!!!

  5. Sophia said

    Thank you for such a nice pattern. I like that I won’t have to draw the pattern myself but can print it out and be ready to go.

  6. What an adorable bag — thanks for the pattern!

  7. Thanks for the pattern! Now I need a chunk o’ time to make it and then a chunk o’ time to carry it around thrifting!

  8. Stephanie said

    I just found this tut from the Craft Magazine blog. What a beauty of a bag! Thanks for providing a tutorial. I will be making this bag for the fall.

  9. hotteaapparel said

    Thank you so much – it looks fabulous, can’t wait to try it out!

  10. […] Melissa points us to Machen Machen’s free Wasp Bag pattern. It’s lined complete with a key strap and an inside pocket! Link. […]

  11. […] Melissa points us to Machen Machen’s free Wasp Bag pattern. It’s lined complete with a key strap and an inside pocket! Link. […]

  12. Nora said

    Stunning! I made a zakka basket bag with the pink wasps but the mustard is next on my list. Thank you for the tutorial – and the inspiration.

  13. Jenny said

    Thanks for the great pattern. I just made one using it and it turned out fantastic!

  14. Ali said

    Thanks everyone

    There’s a Flickr group for pictures if you want to share:

  15. barbara said

    love the bag – thanks for the pattern and the excellent how-to!

  16. Mary said

    Oh my gosh! This pattern is just what I’m looking for. All with full size pattern pieces with really clear instructions. I’m off to make! Thanks so much

  17. Mandyc said

    Hey there,

    just dowloaded this pattern. Thank you so much for posting it. I am after a pattern to make for a friends birthday and this looks perfect.

  18. Hello, I made this bag with your pattern. It took a little while because my french sewing vocabulary is bad and my english sewing vocabulary is obviously even worse. You may have already seen it before but you can take the picture if you like. Thanks to you my friend Daphné is very happy of her birthday present, thank you very much, the explanations and the patterns were really good.

    Bye from France,

  19. Melinda said

    Thanks for this cute pattern! After a few attempts I managed to get it right and I love it! You can see photos of my Machen bag at

    I even had some extra fabric for a pillow!
    Happy Holidays.

  20. Amy P said

    Lovely bag and thank you for making the pattern available.

  21. Janet said

    How Cool!
    Thanks for sharing.
    This could also work for a coutour shopping bag?

  22. Diana said

    It is the coolest bag I hace seen in a long time I love the extra button detail on the handle.

  23. Thanks for your pattern. The shape is just perfect ! I had a good time sewing it, and will do it again.

  24. Liz said

    I love love LOVE this bag! I wish I could make one just like it! I’m definitely going to be using your pattern soon – I just wish I could find some decently priced canvas to work with… Thank you for this pattern!

  25. […] success with the Amy Butler bag pattern, I thought I’d attempt another. I’ve had this bag tutorial by machen/machen on my list for a while now, and since I’m on a bag kick, I thought I’d […]

  26. I love love love your pattern. And I finally made that bag and another one for a friend of mine.

  27. Jen said

    Thank you so much for making the pattern available. I have just finished making one for Mum and it looks fantastic. I’m not very experienced at sewing but the instructions were very clear.

  28. […] Before I ordered my sewing machine I was browsing the web for some patterns and found this one. […]

  29. cat said

    Cute bag!Thanx for the pattern, saw a link on burda style!

  30. Marie said

    Thank you for the pattern, I made mine. You could see it tomorrow on my blog.

  31. […] Nachdem meine Mum mir diese wunderschönen Knöpfe geschenkt hat und mir schon von klein auf immer ganz doll viele schöne Sachen genäht hat, dacht ich mir, es ist mal an der Zeit mich zu revanchieren. Meine erste, selbstgenähte Wasp-Bag ist für meine Mum! Mir hat es nicht nur richtig viel Freude bereitet diese Tasche für sie zu nähen – sie hat sich ebenso sehr über die Tasche gefreut. Den Stoff hat meine Mum bei IKEA so toll gefunden – deshalb war es für mich natürlich nicht schwer die richtige Wahl zu treffen. Das Tutorial für die Wasp-Bag gibt’s hier bei machen/machen. […]

  32. […] pattern is from Machen Machen-a blog about making and doing.  It’s the second one completed, the first I forgot to take pics of and was a gift.  I fell […]

  33. […] I mentioned before, the Wasp Bag tutorial can be found here. And the tutorial I used for the fabric flower was posted […]

  34. […] What: “Wasp Bag” pleated bag pattern […]

  35. […] I mentioned before, the Wasp Bag tutorial can be found here. And the tutorial I used for the fabric flower was posted […]

  36. perrine said

    I really like your how to. I was wondering if I could translate it in French and add it to my list of how to as explained in my french post (
    Of course, your website would be quoted and there would be a link!
    Thank you,

  37. […] What: “Wasp Bag” pleated bag pattern […]

  38. ohvandalism said

    I made two for my friends’ birthdays, it’s such a cute pattern I reckon they’ll love it and am definately going to sew myself one too!

  39. Ann said

    The link seems to be broken. Can I get the pattern?


  40. Chloe said

    I cant seem to get the pattern for the bag. can someone please help me x

  41. […] Le modèle que j’ai utilisé est sur le site de Machen/Machen. […]

  42. […] pattern I used was the Wasp Bag from machen|machen and I’m very happy with the result. I added an internal zipped pocket by attaching a zip to […]

  43. Claire said

    What does A4 size mean? 4 times as big? I need to go to a print shop? Confused…

    • alison said

      Hi Claire,
      A4 is the standard paper size used in most Western countries, other than the United States. It is 210 × 297 millimetres in size. The wasp bag pattern is designed to print at the correct size on A4 paper. If you want to print the pattern at home, you will need to purchase some A4 paper and adjust your printer settings appropriately.

  44. Claire said

    Also, I don´t see where piece three has been included…

    • alison said

      Piece three is the same as piece two. The piece is labelled ‘Wasp Bag Top’. You will cut four of this piece from fabric, two of which become the ‘inner tops’ and two which become the ‘outer tops’. You will also cut two of this piece from interfacing. I’m sorry that was not completely clear.

  45. lidia said

    c’est dure j’ai juste 8 ans wow la wow !

  46. Lillie said

    Thanks for the pattern, initially I thought it will be difficult since sewing is still new to me but I managed smoothly and twice at it.

  47. Kathleen said

    I’m so excited to make this! Hoping you’ll see this question: I’m unclear on how the handles work out. The pattern looks like the handles are in two pieces, but there’s nothing in the instructions about attaching the two halves together. I’m new to sewing so I might just be missing some contextual pattern knowledge, but.. help?

    • Andrea said

      I was confused by this too. Did you figure this out? I think I may use the dimensions from another pattern to see if I can figure out an appropriate length. What did you end up doing?

      • Kathleen said

        Yes! Alison emailed directly and said “You are exactly right that the handle is in two pieces on the pattern. See the little symbols that look like ‘O’s with ‘X’s inside them? Match those up and use some sticky-tape (scotch tape) to stick the two pieces of paper together. Then cut out the handle and there will be two pieces – one with the tear-drop shape end and one with the square end. Now see how there are some faint dashed lines on these pieces? You need to match those up and tape the pieces together again. You should now have one long handle that is square at one end and tear-shaped at the other.” Hope that helps 🙂

  48. […] pattern was from here and is really easy to follow. I used some Amy Butler fabric for the lining, and added a couple of […]

  49. Laura Wando said

    Hi, I’m making this bag tomorrow…and I am confused about how to put together the strap sections…4 sections printed but when I match the X’s the length is 23″…could this be right? Can you send me the total strap length including seam allowance? I am making mine into a diaper bag and adding outer pockets.

  50. […] latest project is the Wasp Bag pattern by […]

  51. said

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    I’m impressed! Very helpful information specially the last part :
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    Thank you and best of luck.

  52. Patricia Hernandez said

    Hi! I love this bag! just trouble understading the pocket.

  53. […] por la red, encontré el patrón gratuito de MachenMachen “Wasp Bag“. Me encantó la forma del bolso y supe que quería probar a coserme […]

  54. […] liens collectés au hasard de mes surfs sur le net, j’ai fini par jeter mon dévolu sur le Wasp Bag de Machen Machen … et j’ai bien fait ! Il me plaît bien […]

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