friday five

28 September 2007

fabric bundle

The devil made me do it edition, or, following last weekend’s misdemeanours, five super-gorgeous hand-printed fabrics sure to melt the resolution of the most determined dieter:

  1. hollabee
  2. cloth
  3. bird
  4. prints charming
  5. kirin + aunty cookie + cheeky beaks

Why yes, that is more than five.  But hell, if you’re going to break your diet, you do it properly.



22 September 2007

I bought fabric.

Worse, it was pre-meditated.

Worse still, when I got back in the car, high on buying, the radio said:

This week, we look at restraint, and why it might be necessary for living a moral life…

… sustainability is a kind of re-badging of the old restraint but … these days we expect our restraint to be outsourced to someone else, that it’s the government’s job to implement carbon trading or something, we’re not going to really restrain ourselves except in a little bit of recycling and so on unless everybody else does it. 

I’m not going to make any excuses.  I’m not even going to post a picture of what I bought, because you might give me excuses by telling me it’s pretty and you understand.

Anyway.  Prints Charming is having a sale, including their online shop.  Only don’t spend too much – I’ve done that for you.

I’ll be over here in the naughty corner if anyone’s looking for me.


:: hothouse doll – yoshitomo nara

friday five

21 September 2007


:: five blogs I discovered this week:

  1. Sew Retro is all about sewing from retro dress patterns
  2. I wanna frock and roll all night are the cool kids on the block
  3. Greenolive makes nice stuff and is quite the inspiration
  4. Knitting box always makes me feel calmer
  5. The scent of water – how could you not like that name?

Today’s picture is a badge stuck to the pin board above my desk.  It’s been exactly that sort of week.

sneaky peaky

20 September 2007

Did you order a mix tape zine? Were you one of the first thirty? Do you want a little sneak peak of what you might be getting?

Well, go click over here then. And say hello to my good friend Sally while you’re there.

[edited to add:  I am a complete goose – I mistyped the URL.  Point your browser to  Many thanks to Jen for pointing this out]

…it’s that nothing’s done yet.

I’m making this jacket (Simplicity 4273)

very slowy, because it’s hard, and it demands a zen combination of patience, enthusiasm, energy and perfectionism that only comes round for about 3 hours a week and one of those hours will be when I’m on a bus or standing in a queue or something.

And I’m making a skirt using bits of the pattern I used for this one. I hope it will look like this:


Remember this? It’s coming along, I’m shaping the waist at the moment. Knitting without a pattern is easier than I thought.


So one day soon, I’ll have something to show off.  Soon.