… ahem *shuffles feet*

5 September 2007

thanksWow.  That was a zeitgeist moment and a half – the wasp bag is all over the internet and the internet is all over the wasp bag.  I feel like I need to tidy up around here in case all these visitors keep coming back.

Some thanks-yous are in order:

  • nichola and justine at mixtape – a fortuitous typo on their behalf kicked off all the interest
  • the commenters here and at wardrobe refashion who encouraged my to share the pattern
  • craft
  • my half of the brain
  • everyone else who linked and technorati-faved and del.icio.used and wisted and flickr-faved and otherwise socially bookmarked

And because I am really curious to see how the pattern turns out, I started a flickr group and I would love it if you posted pictures of your finished bags there.  Please?

And if you’ve just arrived:  Hello.  Welcome.  Thanks.  Come again.

2 Responses to “… ahem *shuffles feet*”

  1. Sally said

    I hope I’m the kind of friend you don’t need to tidy up for – I will still visit even if there is fluff on the furniture and unfinished projects on the coffee table. But congrats on all the new love!

  2. Stephanie said

    I have it bookmarked and can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the instructions!

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