the little red hat

10 September 2007

I’m in deep denial about another knitting undertaking.  One that has a deadline, and needs a lot more work. La la la, let’s pretend it’s not happening and not urgent and make something else entirely.

Like a little red hat, for my niece for xmas.  See, I’m not disorganised at all, I have an xmas present all ready to go and it’s only September.  La la la, I think I might make some mittens to go with it, wouldn’t that be cute?

Knitted from  Erika Knight’s pattern but on double-point needles because I hate sewing up.   The wool is Zara in dark red, dark grey, cream and bright pink.


3 Responses to “the little red hat”

  1. elanknits said

    Cutest time waster I’ve ever seen.

  2. Ms K said

    Well, there is always next year’s birthday if you get really stuck! She won’t know the difference 😉

  3. Sally said

    Nice use of procrastination time!

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