it’s not that I’m doing nothing…

20 September 2007

…it’s that nothing’s done yet.

I’m making this jacket (Simplicity 4273)

very slowy, because it’s hard, and it demands a zen combination of patience, enthusiasm, energy and perfectionism that only comes round for about 3 hours a week and one of those hours will be when I’m on a bus or standing in a queue or something.

And I’m making a skirt using bits of the pattern I used for this one. I hope it will look like this:


Remember this? It’s coming along, I’m shaping the waist at the moment. Knitting without a pattern is easier than I thought.


So one day soon, I’ll have something to show off.  Soon.

3 Responses to “it’s not that I’m doing nothing…”

  1. preita said

    I love that color green. It’s going to be a lovely sweater!

  2. macati said

    I’m making a sweater too… but it’s my first sweater… and I’m bit afradi of what will come out…
    enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. JenaVeve said

    Can’t help LOVING your blog/website. I just discovered it this morning (okay, I should be working, but this is too much fun).

    This is my first comment on any blog in fact, so big day for me. I have to wish you luck on your jacket (Simplicity 4273) – I am *attempting* the same pattern, and am going for a rust coloured (orange/matte brown) suiting fabric.

    If I EVER finish it, I will send you a note/pic. Currently making some burgundy coloured lining for it, with help from a sewing class which is on a break for a few weeks (and I guess that means so am I!).

    More than happy to swap notes, grievances on this project – and will be checking your blog for updates on it.


    PS – Sorry, in my ‘newness’ to blogs, I’ve left the same comment on your ‘About’ page by mistake – feel free to remove it. 🙂

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