sneaky peaky

20 September 2007

Did you order a mix tape zine? Were you one of the first thirty? Do you want a little sneak peak of what you might be getting?

Well, go click over here then. And say hello to my good friend Sally while you’re there.

[edited to add:  I am a complete goose – I mistyped the URL.  Point your browser to  Many thanks to Jen for pointing this out]

4 Responses to “sneaky peaky”

  1. Sally said

    Hey thanks for the linky love, love!

    PS My wasp bag has grown on me, so that I now like it so much that it has become like the messiah bag that finally replaces the backpack that I have take to work every day for the last 4 years. Hallelujah! I just need to make a pouch to hold all my work stuff (id cards, keys etc) so that I can easily take it out, for when the ‘chosen one’ wasp bag needs to go elsewhere.

  2. Mette said

    …I have missed something. That’s not good! 😦

  3. Jen Leheny said

    you left a b out of her URL by the way 🙂

  4. Ali said

    I’m a goose – I mis-typed the URL. It is now fixed. Thanks Jen, and sorry to Mette and anyone else who clicked on the first one. note to self – check links before going live.

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