31 October 2007

“Hello, my name is Ali and I’m a start-a-holic”

[Group]: “HI ALI!”

“I’ve been starting projects for several weeks now.  I start one or sometimes even two a week.  But I never finish them.  Start-a-holism is destroying my life.  My house is littered with unfinished projects.  Looking at them depresses me.  My partner is becoming increasingly exasperated, and… [sobs]… I… just d-d-don’t know what to dooooooooo [uncontrollable weeping]”

Seriously though, looking around me I can see half a mitten, half a top, just over half of a [secret thing because she reads this blog], one third of a sock, one third of another sock, five eighth of a shirt, seven eighths of a jacket, a quarter of a hat and a skirt that made it to the finish line only to be disqualified (too big) and sent back to the start.  I think I may have a problem.

Unfinished things still have the potential to be perfect.  Once completed, their flaws, mistakes and imperfections need to be ackowledged and lived with.  Nothing seems to come off my list of projects these days, but I keep adding new things. So, in the absence of a magical self-discipline pill, I have decided to apply some corporate learnings and whip out the Gannt charts, the KPIs and the performance reviews.  There will be goals, lessons learnt, and maybe even some power point presentations.

Here is the list of unfinished projects, presented in graphical form:


This week’s goals are:

  1. Finish the jacket.
  2. Add 5% to the [secret thing].
  3. Add 20% to the xmas socks.

Next meeting:  Wednesday 7 November, for a presentation of updated milestones and KPIs aplenty.


product placement

30 October 2007


If you’re in Brisbane, you should go to this.  Because it’s cool, and recycled, and they have organic wine, and my friend Sally has stuff for sale there, including the fabric flower brooch you see on the right.

Chop chop!  Off you run!

i am growling…

28 October 2007



  • my neighbours had a party last night and their taste in music is both loud and banal.
  • daylight saving has taken an hour out of my weekend.
  • I tried to buy a bra today and could not find one that wasn’t padded; and why the hell don’t all the lingerie shops just put a big sign out front saying “hey lady!  no matter who you are your boobs are the wrong shape!  yes!  you need to buy our padded strap-on foam boobs or your boobs will cause the end of civilisation as we know it!
  • said bra shopping expedition meant going into a shopping centre, and I don’t go into shopping centres much any more, and I seem to have lost my immunity to them because it made me feel v e r y-v e r y-t e n s e.
  • the skirt I’ve been making is too big and not A-line enough and is going to have to be unpicked and re-cut.
  • I can never ever get sleeves on a home sewn top to sit properly – they always lift up the whole top when I raise my arm and I don’t know if this is just me or something wrong with the pattern and I don’t know how to fix it.
  • it’s almost impossible to buy moisturiser with sunscreen in it, which when you live in the country with the highest rate of skin cancer in the world would seem kind of obvious; and companies are allowed to sell ‘anti-ageing’ moisturisers without sunscreen in them, when all the evidence points to the fact that UV is the single biggest cause of skin damage.

On the other hand, I did make quite a nice apple cake yesterday.  Let’s contemplate its beauty, and maybe the crankiness will go away.


An ordinary butter cake, with 1 teaspoon of mixed spice added with the flour; topped with three chopped apples and sprinkled with a tablespoon of sugar and another 2 teaspoons of spice.

friday five

26 October 2007


This week I’ve been trying to eat my vegies.  See, I realised that while I often blithely state “oh I’m not vegetarian but I hardly eat  meat”, it is actually not true.  It may be true at dinner, but it’s not true at lunch.  So this week’s friday five are vegetarian recipes that I’m looking forward to trying out.  And I have a question for you:  what are your vegetarian favourites?  Bonus points for anyone who can supply a recipe for tofu that doesn’t taste like an eraser boiled in old socks.

  1. onion tart
  2. kadai paneer
  3. cauliflower
  4. tender is the cabbage
  5. fast vegetarian fare

I feel I should apologise for a loack of carfty content.  I do actually have something to show off, but my photographer was away last weekend, so it’ll  have to wait till tomorrow.

friday five

19 October 2007


:: five things I want to learn to do:

  1. entre lac
  2. guitar
  3. cabinet making
  4. speak japanese
  5.  swim freestyle

Today’s photo:  some bad banksia men, all in a heap.