…still here

4 October 2007


:: pigface, washing line, and sky

… just busy. It’s spring, the sun rises early, the garden is going feral, work is slow and stressful, I’m spending too much time on Ravelry* … yeah whatever reason, I just haven’t had anything finished to show you. It’s coming.

Anyway, I finally made it onto one of those pay-it-forward memes, via Christina . So I need to keep it going. First five people to leave a comment get a handmade gift from me, sometime in the next 365 days. Don’t know what, don’t know when, but so long as you pay it forward and do the same through your blog, you’ll get it.

Also, I went to my first ever stitch-n-bitch tonight. Next time, I’ll take less complicated knitting, because I didn’t get much bitchin’ done.

*for non-knitters: Ravelry is like Facebook with wool. ie, legalised electronic crack.


6 Responses to “…still here”

  1. Kris said

    Thanks for coming to the SnB! I hope we weren’t too in-groupy with all the Guild talk. It was just because we were coming off a big event and needed to fill Helen in on everything she missed. It was great having some new people around! I’ve tried to make it a mission at the shop to be as inclusive as possible, because I remember what it was like to walk in there the first time (back in the old shop, when a horrible old woman ran in the knitting department) and feeling crappy that I wasn’t in the club. So please do bring some stockinette next time and jump right in with the bitching! 🙂

  2. Miss Dot said

    great pic! love it.

  3. Love the flower and as you prepare for spring, we are embracing fall even though the next few days are suppossed to be close to 90 degrees. Your definition of Ravelry had my sides hurting from laughter. Too funny!

  4. miss j said

    oooh ooh – I want stuffs! Tho feel a bit greedy as i already have the delightful green bag, which is my fave and I take everywhere.

  5. Lori Kay said

    Hi there. I’m a regular visitor and first time commenter. Thanks for sharing the wasp bag pattern. It’s on my “wish I had time” list!
    – Lori in Watertown, MA

  6. […] like to join in the different pay it forward memes that are out there and because I was one on Ali’s blog, I am passing it on this Friday. The first 10 people that comment here TODAY will receive something […]

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