for me mum

6 October 2007

 chook details 2

My mum keeps chooks.  Every so often her flock is decimated by a local fox and has to be built up again.  This time of year, she will be slipping eggs under broody chooks hoping to hatch them.  My brother and I call her the old chook sometimes, when she’s fussing about us, her chicks.

She does not do internet. At all.  Which means you get to see her birthday present before she does!


:: table mats and napkins  :: mats cotton/linen :: napkins cotton with cotton embroidery.

I wonder about taste sometimes.  How far is it OK to go, in imposing your taste on someone else?  My mum lives in the country and she likes the traditional look.  Like Country Style.  This is not at all me.  I likes me scandinavian modern and me japanese zen minimalism.  I think with thes mats I managed to meet her in the middle.  They’re country enough for her, they’re simple enough for me.  Everyone’s a winner.

chook detail

 :: chook detail


 :: all folded up


 :: ready to go

5 Responses to “for me mum”

  1. oh, that chicken fabric is cute! i love how you matched those same chickens with the embroidery.

  2. Nancy said

    oh lovely! i am always drawn to chicken fabric, and, like you, wonder what can be done with it that isn’t too country for more minimalist taste. your gift is perfect, I’m sure your mother will love it!

  3. patti said

    What a lovely gift! Your mother will love it.

  4. greenolive said

    of course its ok to impose your style on someone else, how else will they move up the style ladder if not exposed to some great stylish stuff! And, as a reader of Country Style and modern/minimalist, I can tell you the two can peacefully co-exist in the one person, or family in your case. I’m sure she’ll love them cause they are made by you.

  5. Nora said

    Beautiful idea. The fabric is gorgeous.

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