this is where i went today

6 October 2007


I bought a shirt. But I bought it from the lovely chick who made it so that’s all OK and not part of fashion-fascism and not a breach of the wardrobe refashion covenant either!

I wanted some cute felt things from 0049 design and a baby shower present from little angry fang, but I didn’t have any cash. Hellooooo internet, let’s shop!

Anyway, get along and check it out, if you’ve got time.

2 Responses to “this is where i went today”

  1. miss j said

    Hey gurrrl – u online? I emailed you yesterday but it bounced back. .. and I’m at work w’out yr number. Wanted to see if you wanted to do coffee at the bookshop cafe named after an old dead poet, I think they have music Sundays. Maybe at 4?? Unless you are elbow deep in making cool stuff and can’t be dragged away! 🙂

  2. fiona said

    god i wish i lived in sydney!!

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