hey, mr spaceman

17 October 2007


Hey, Mr. Spaceman
Won’t you please take me along
I won’t do anything wrong
Hey, Mr. Spaceman
Won’t you please take me along for a ride

-The Byrds

I was at Ms J’s on Sunday afternoon for a cake-n-make-break (crafternoon tea perhaps?) and this is what I made.  He’s a corporate spaceman, as evidenced by his sharp pinstripe space suit which forms a protective bubble around him as he explores the corporate vacuum.  Indeed, the space suit is the only way he can survive in this hostile environment.  You can see the live-giving red of his true self flowing through his breathing tube.

But what’s this?


The back of his space suit belies his corporate shell!  Bold red corduroy is tough enough to shield him from harmful corporate rays, while reminding him that the space suit is but a shell and that soon he will return safe to his natural environment.

I wish I had a corporate space suit.  Because in the office, no-one can hear you scream.

4 Responses to “hey, mr spaceman”

  1. bsharp said

    When are you starting an on-line shop..? I love the corporate space man. You could put that description on the label at glebe markets and sell hundreds. By the way – i put the hand-made bag through my evil Euro super spin washing machine and it came out fine! (It was a little smelly from the beer drips because I used it to take bottles back the supermarket for re-cycling)

  2. miss j said

    I think your readers would appreciate him even more if we did a compare contrast photo shoot of his not quite as well formed but born on the same crafternoon cousin “Mr Monster with odd shaped filling and no face” 😦
    Apparently sewing is not one of my talents!

  3. Ali said

    Noooooo! I liked your monster, he was much more interesting. The spaceman only turned out well because I aimed low, for fear of failure.

  4. Sally said

    You could definitely sell corporate space men on etsy. Very cute!

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