friday five

19 October 2007


:: five things I want to learn to do:

  1. entre lac
  2. guitar
  3. cabinet making
  4. speak japanese
  5.  swim freestyle

Today’s photo:  some bad banksia men, all in a heap.

7 Responses to “friday five”

  1. Amy Doran said

    Hi, I’ve made that scarf. It was the second thing I’ve knitted. It was pretty easy, as the pattern says it looks harder than it really is.

    I made your Wasp bag a couple of weekends ago and I love it! Thanks so much for the pattern. I’m going to take a photo this weekend and upload it to your flickr group.

  2. Ali said

    So I’ve got no excuse for not learning then! Thanks for your comment about the bag and it would be great to see the pictures

  3. Great Friday Five..I am trying to self teach myself #2 and #4, slow and steady is my new motto. 🙂

  4. macati said

    number 1 and 2 for me, please!

  5. Ali said

    thanks! they got blown off a tree in the park and I got enough to fill a vase.

  6. breezily said

    I did #1 using this bag pattern: Pretty sure that #1 is the easiest option on your list

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