friday five

26 October 2007


This week I’ve been trying to eat my vegies.  See, I realised that while I often blithely state “oh I’m not vegetarian but I hardly eat  meat”, it is actually not true.  It may be true at dinner, but it’s not true at lunch.  So this week’s friday five are vegetarian recipes that I’m looking forward to trying out.  And I have a question for you:  what are your vegetarian favourites?  Bonus points for anyone who can supply a recipe for tofu that doesn’t taste like an eraser boiled in old socks.

  1. onion tart
  2. kadai paneer
  3. cauliflower
  4. tender is the cabbage
  5. fast vegetarian fare

I feel I should apologise for a loack of carfty content.  I do actually have something to show off, but my photographer was away last weekend, so it’ll  have to wait till tomorrow.


6 Responses to “friday five”

  1. claudine said

    I don’t know if you’ve come across Dinner Daily? by Jorth in Melbourne. All the recipes there are vegetarian, and they look so yummy. I’m not a vegetarian, so I’m planning on adding my own meat to the recipes 🙂 (my hubby wouldn’t eat vegetarian dishes!)

  2. i eat little meat too, but am not completely vegetarian either. These recipes look great.

  3. michelle said

    I am vegetarian and my partner is vegan. There are many great blogs and cookbooks with great recipes.

    To make tofu taste good, here are my recommendations:
    -Buy firm tofu and drain it in a colander with something heavy on top (we normally use a dish with a heavy can(s) in it
    -After it is well drained, freeze it
    -When ready to use, thaw it out and cut into chunks
    -Marinate chunks in your choice of delicious juicy concoction
    -Cook – I find pan frying is my fav because it sears the outside

    Freezing and draining the tofu helps with the texture.

  4. Ali said

    Thanks Michelle, I’ll try that. I try really hard to like tofu, but the only version I consistently eat is the deep-fried tofu sold in chines restaurants (in Sydney it’s called spicy grandma beancurd – I don’t know why)

    And I’m very impressed with dinner daily, thanks Claudine

  5. Anna said

    I’ve been vegetarian for almost 20 years (since I was 12) and many years ago it was sooo tricky to find tofu. I used to use the dried stuff, but you need to soak it in boiling water and cook it in curry or something very strongly flavoured (not soy as it absorbs all the salty flavour). As per above comment marinading also helps. I also cook quorn with a teaspoon of marmite/vegemite which gives it more flavour.

  6. Lisa said

    Hi there,
    I don’t use tofu enough either – I’m more a legume beany girl if I’m gonna go vego. I do use silken tofu, though. You can’t use it for anything too rough, or it just falls to bits. You can make a salty broth with udon, bean sprouts, mushrooms and greens (and optional extra miso paste), and throw in the silken tofu at the last minute to warm through. Silken tofu also makes a nice snack. Put a chunk in a little bowl with soya sauce drizzled on top, and eat with chopsticks and drink some beer while dinner is cooking.

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