31 October 2007

“Hello, my name is Ali and I’m a start-a-holic”

[Group]: “HI ALI!”

“I’ve been starting projects for several weeks now.  I start one or sometimes even two a week.  But I never finish them.  Start-a-holism is destroying my life.  My house is littered with unfinished projects.  Looking at them depresses me.  My partner is becoming increasingly exasperated, and… [sobs]… I… just d-d-don’t know what to dooooooooo [uncontrollable weeping]”

Seriously though, looking around me I can see half a mitten, half a top, just over half of a [secret thing because she reads this blog], one third of a sock, one third of another sock, five eighth of a shirt, seven eighths of a jacket, a quarter of a hat and a skirt that made it to the finish line only to be disqualified (too big) and sent back to the start.  I think I may have a problem.

Unfinished things still have the potential to be perfect.  Once completed, their flaws, mistakes and imperfections need to be ackowledged and lived with.  Nothing seems to come off my list of projects these days, but I keep adding new things. So, in the absence of a magical self-discipline pill, I have decided to apply some corporate learnings and whip out the Gannt charts, the KPIs and the performance reviews.  There will be goals, lessons learnt, and maybe even some power point presentations.

Here is the list of unfinished projects, presented in graphical form:


This week’s goals are:

  1. Finish the jacket.
  2. Add 5% to the [secret thing].
  3. Add 20% to the xmas socks.

Next meeting:  Wednesday 7 November, for a presentation of updated milestones and KPIs aplenty.


10 Responses to “unfinished”

  1. Great chart and good substitute for the self-displine pill. At least you have items in somewhat differing stages instead of a bunch of plans and none started, will there be a group for the obsessive thinkers. 🙂

  2. macati said

    GGGGooooooooo giiiiiiiirl!

  3. Lissy said

    oh dear this is so me! I have so many things that never get finished often if they are not working out I get fed up and leave them! But some things do make it to the finish line! 🙂

  4. breezily said

    Look on the bright side: you both started AND finished that wonderful graph!

  5. Sally said

    I know what you mean about once they’re finished you can see all the mistakes at the end rather than the rest of the journey to completion. Maybe you (and the rest of the group) need to place more value on the completed thing. Are you giving yourself a performance bonus if you complete your goals?

  6. Ali said

    Breezily: Why so I did! Kudos to me and definite proof I can finish things if I put my mind to it.

    Sally: I’m not sure whether my performance bonus is to be allowed to start something new, or if that would be kind of a bad idea.

  7. greenolive said

    omigod! a woman after my own heart! Are you an INTJ (we start lots of stuff) or a project manager by any chance? I’ll be there for the status report on 7/11/2007. What PM methodology are you using?!

  8. justine said

    hee hee, I identify 😉

  9. Ali said

    Southerngirl, there’s plenty of room in this therapy group for all sorts of problems, obsessive thinkers included. Pull up a plastic chair and help yourself to the instant coffee!

    greenolive: I don’t think I’ve quite got a methodology worked out yet, unless fartarsing around counts as methodology?

    Without wanting to pre-empt next weeks status report, things are going quite well on the sock front and I think with this weekend’s predicted rainy weather, I am on track to hit the milestones (Bee Sharp, if you’re reading, are you thinking ‘… play a good second half and come home with a wet sail…”? Gotcha!)

  10. Bee Sharp said

    Just make sure all your ducks are in a line, love.

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