the pant-skirt

8 November 2007


These wide-legged pants have always been a little too short in the leg and the crotch. I put up with this till they stopped fitting me round the hips, and then they languished in the cupboard waiting for dramatic weight loss that never happened and the crotch-lengthening fairy who never came.

On Sunday night I had an inspiration:

  • unpick the inner leg seams (5 minutes)
  • sew the front and back together ( 5 minutes)
  • chop off length and trim seams (1 minute)
  • fiddle with hem to get the length right (30 minutes, because it’s amazing how an extra half inch of hem translate to legs that look a half kilo slimmer)
  • make a slit in the back (10 minutes), and ta-da!

:: a new skirt!

The pants bequeathed all those nice details that can be hell to sew, like pockets and a fly and belt loops. I wore it to work twice this week – I should have done this years ago.

:: update

I did a little tutorial on this project, which you can find by clicking on ‘patterns’ above.

7 Responses to “the pant-skirt”

  1. Okay, I love the skirt but would rather sit and ogle those red boots. 🙂

  2. Melsky said

    Nice skirt and style – I love the way the boots and scarf coordinate.

  3. Sandra said

    Great skirt, and well done, but I would KILL for those boots!

  4. Ali said

    I agonised about whether to buy those boots, thinking it would be much more practical to have some brown ones, and I’m so glad I didn’t!
    They’re from Camper.

  5. stephanie said

    Wow. I love this idea and am currently thinking of a pair of pants I can use. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.

    Your skirt is gorgeous and I also LOVE the boots.

  6. melissa said

    gorgeous- i love the red boots with it- great job!

  7. jesse said

    I don’t know how to leave a trackback here so I’ll just post a link!

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