this week’s KPIs

8 November 2007

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this week’s machen/machen KPI update.

I’d like to start by reminding you of last week’s goals and presenting this week’s results:


:: click to enlarge

As you can see, the xmas socks are on target, achieving the completion milestone of 30%; and the [secret project] now stands at 72.5% complete.

However, performance on the grey jacket was disappointing, with little progress made. This was due to three factors:

  • supply chain failure: getting the right buttons proved more difficult than expected
  • poor resource estimations: shoulder pad adjustment and insertion took longer than expected, disrupting the critical path and pushing out the sleeve hem milestone
  • ennui and fear: the project manager is sick to death of the bloody thing; and is also scared of making button holes.

:: lessons learnt

  • shop early and often for buttons
  • allow extra time for shoulder pads
  • pull finger out and just do it

:: new projects this week

Skirt II was started and finished in less than an hour on Sunday evening. The project manager justified adding this task to the list because she hates the grey jacket and needed to put some runs on the board by picking some low hanging fruit. Skirt II also replaces two planned skirts which were to be sewn from scratch, freeing up the project manager’s time and resources to devote elsewhere.

The swap tea cosy was inadvertently left off last week’s chart and needs to be completed by the end of the year. The project manager has deliberately chosen an unfussy design and easy technique for this task, to efficiently allocate resources.

:: this week’s goals

  • finish the grey jacket by:
  • inserting the second shoulder pad by Friday
  • sewing the sleeve hems on Saturday
  • doing the buttonholes and buttons on Sunday
  • finish one of the xmas socks, taking that item to 50% complete, and completing half the cuff on the second sock (10%)
  • add 5% to [secret project]
  • finish the hat
  • add 25% to the tea cosy

3 Responses to “this week’s KPIs”

  1. Sally said

    My secret project is 72.5% finished too – due to ever-shortening deadline I pulled finger out yesterday and made significant progress. I aim to finish it today.

  2. red_swirl said

    Umm, wow! I was really enjoying the corporate-ese, but I didn’t think you were serious šŸ˜‰

  3. Ali said

    Tongue is firmly in my cheek, red_swirl šŸ™‚

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