friday five

9 November 2007


I have a little notebook that goes with me everywhere and in it I write things that I notice or think of.  Today’s friday 5: random thoughts and where I thought them:

  1. I saw the perfect cloud one day and wanted to keep it forever in an iron cage, whereupon it deflated gently and hung flaccid in the air, more and less solid than before, like fish skin.  Its only beauty now is yearning for what it was and can never be again.
  2. Mid blue + pale blue + smoke blue + true red + peach + two shades of mustard
  3. Chess as flirtation, politics, struggle, a leveller, texture + feel, order, map, reflects its time.
  4. In the Australian light, black is a colour, not an absence of colour
  5. Likeness can be obtained by shapes without spirit but when truth is obtained, both spirit + substance are fully expressed.  He who tries to express spirit through ornamental beauty will only make dead things.  Huashanshui Lu [toilet paper chick peas broccolli capers pay electricity bill]

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