sweet f.o. 1 – the grey jacket

12 November 2007


It’s finished! It’s not perfect (the lapels aren’t too sharp, the sleeves pull a little bit and the button holes are a little scraggly) but it’s wearable. I have a pair of pants and a skirt made of the same fabric, so I now effectively have a suit.

I’ve never made anything tailored before. I bought a book about tailoring but didn’t consult it till I was half way through sewing, which was a mistake. The jacket is cotton with a little bit of elastane included, so it wasn’t possible to steam-shrink it, which seems to be the trick to making tailored things look sharp and shaped.

I have some nice wool fabric stashed away, which I might use to make a winter ‘suit’. Only next time, I’ll not get impatient, I’ll take my time, I’ll consult the book at every step, and I’ll cut it slightly narrower in the shoulders and lapels. But I’m not going to start straight away. I need to do something fun and simple.

Like a celebratory dance :


:: shake it baby!

The pattern is Simplicity 4273.

[f.o. = finished object]

5 Responses to “sweet f.o. 1 – the grey jacket”

  1. Penny said

    The jacket really looks great in this action photo of yours!

  2. JenaVeve said

    OMG!! Love the jacket… I haven’t quite got past the lining stage on my own version of this pattern – am waiting for some professional help with the fitting. As you say – good to get the cut right, so will fit the lining first, then re-draw the pattern pieces.

    Question – did you line yours? I can see some red on the hanger, but not sure if that’s something else.

  3. Ali said

    JenaVeve, I didn’t line mine (the red you see there is just a tshirt for contrast, otherwise the photo wasn’t that great). I like the idea of fitting the lining and then using that to redraw the pattern – please let me know how that goes.

  4. greenolive said

    well done! Where are you finding the time to do all this finishing?

  5. Ali said

    I had a long weekend because I took a flex day on monday. Also, the terror of having to report to my blog readers every wednesday is spurring me along

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