sweet f.o. 2 – the hat

12 November 2007


:: the hat, as modelled by a passing standard lamp

Pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing.  Lining fabric from Prints Charming.  It’s a bit tight for my boof-head but it’ll keep the sun off my nose.  I’m going to keep it at work, because the office air-con is so cold that I need to thaw myself out in the sun at lunchtime, but I do like to protect my delicate complexion.

Remember how I was growling about not being able to buy SPF moisturiser?  The day after, Kosmea (makers of fabulous SPF moisturiser that has been sadly out of production for over a year) sent me a letter saying that their moisturiser is now available again, plus they sent me a load of free samples.  Huzzah for customer service and little Aussie Battler companies!

[f.o. = finished object]

5 Responses to “sweet f.o. 2 – the hat”

  1. Caitlin said

    I really like the colors and prints you used on the hat! Good job!

  2. Sally said

    Hey nice hat! And good to see you’re on a roll with the f.o.’s (how to punctuate that?) – I had a very productive weekend too! And, I will have to get me some of that Kosmea moisturiser – visit to biome store is on my list for next Brisbane trip.

  3. greenolive said

    I’ve got that book too, I might need to make that hat. I have a boof-head too, so perhaps I’ll make it a bit bigger than she suggests?

  4. Jenny said

    love the hat, gonna look for the book!
    Ultraceuticals do a nice moisturiser/sunscreen combo, 30 SPF>
    I”m trying to keep my brow alabaster thsi year too!

  5. […] the Meet Me at Mikes book.  The star fabric is from Prints Charming (scraps left over from making this hat), the plain is left over from this […]

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