lost plz halp kthxbai!!1!!

13 November 2007


Pretend for a moment that you are me a sock knitter.

You have a set of 2.25mm bamboo double-pointed knitting needles.

You want to put these needles in a place that you will remember, possibly somewhere unusual.

Where do you put them?

Hint:  Not in the basket.  Not in the wool box.  Not in the needle case.  Not on the desk.  Not on the bookshelf.

12 Responses to “lost plz halp kthxbai!!1!!”

  1. Sally said

    Oh no! In the freezer for safe-keeping? Second drawer down?

  2. myhobbyisyarn said

    Did they slip between the cushion and the back of the recliner? That seems to be where I always find my dpns. 🙂

  3. LOL I seem to always find mine in my doggies bed. LOL

  4. brambledoula said

    Mine usually wind up holding up my hair.

  5. Anna said

    LOL @ the dog basket comment, my things are usually strewn about the upstairs landing in bits when the dogs gets them. Bedside table? Cutlery drawer? Magazine rack?

  6. pencil/pen cup? holding up your hair? I think I usually stick mine in a desk drawer…

  7. bloosgrl said

    I once lost a rosewood dp and then found it buried deep in my couch. I was sick the two weeks I couldn’t find it!

  8. aestheticonion said

    by the phone or on top of the fridge. maybe in a coat pocket or in the bag you already looked in twice.

  9. greenolive said

    in your undies drawer?

  10. Hanna said

    check the trash can before you take it out to empty it!

  11. Lisa said

    In the skein of yarn? Once you find it, email me and I can send you one of my DPN holders, it will hold all of your needles even while in use – no more losing stitches, poking holes in your bag or losing needles. Good luck!

  12. melanie said

    have you got a 6 yr old son who beleives he can knit so he makes off with any needle not nailed down? …. and then loses them… my only reply your needle has been omgzorswthpwned

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