needlz all gones :(

14 November 2007


I looked everywhere you suggested (yes Martine, even in my undies drawer, just on the offchance) and I still can’t find the bloody things. I know they’ll probably turn up next time I move house, somewhere really obscure.

(This is not the first time something like this has happened to me, putting something carefully away and losing it. I think this trait comes from my father because he does the same thing- he once carefully put his wallet in one of the hanging baskets on the verandah while he went off to do something round the farm, and it wasn’t found till 6 months later when my mum lifted the basket down to re-pot the plant)

In the mean time, I bought another set, because I have socks to finish damnit. Thanks for your help and if you haven’t lost your needles, you can knit the cute kitty above from a pattern here.

4 Responses to “needlz all gones :(”

  1. macati said

    and in the sofa? I understand you… it happens to me a lot! hope you find them soon!

  2. Anna said

    Wow that is a CUTE kitty, and easy enough even for me to do. Thanks.
    In the fruit basket? Your handbag? Top of the medicine cabinet? In between the pages of a book?

  3. elanknits said

    Thanks for the link, very cute kitty. I carefully hid the profits from a craft sale last Christmas, It took me two weeks to find them, the house got very clean!

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