wednesday KPIs – the express version

14 November 2007


:: last week’s goals

  • finish the grey jacket – DONE
  • finish one of the xmas socks, taking that item to 50% complete – DONE
  • completing half the cuff on the second xmas sock (10%) – NOT DONE because I lost my needles
  • add 5% to [secret project] – DONE
  • finish the hat – DONE
  • add 25% to the tea cosy – NOT DONE, but is now 40% there

:: this week’s goals

  • get shirt to 80%
  • complete 50% of second sock
  • add 5% to [secret project] (yes I know that’s getting tedious, but 5% fits the increments quite nicely, and I have to get it done before the recipient gives birth, or at least some time around then)
  • add 20% to swap tea cosy
  • do something fun and new and easy and pretty

2 Responses to “wednesday KPIs – the express version”

  1. Sally said

    When you say “add 20%”, is that percentage of the total, or percentage of current completeness?

  2. greenolive said

    you have inspired me once again to get my act together! Love the graph.

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