wednesday KPIs

21 November 2007


::  Last week’s goals

  • get shirt to 80% -NOT DONE (didn’t touch it)
  • complete 50% of second sock – NOT DONE (managed about 25%)
  • add 5% to [secret project] (yes I know that’s getting tedious, but 5% fits the increments quite nicely, and I have to get it done before the recipient gives birth, or at least some time around then) – DONE AND MORE (did 9%)
  • add 20% to swap tea cosy (NOT DONE – did about 10%)
  • do something fun and new and easy and pretty (WENT TO BEACH, GOT FACIAL – does that count?)

Also, you will note above that the skirt dropped off the list.  I decided I couldn’t be bothered fixing it live with it not being perfect

:: This week’s goals

  • second sock 60% complete
  • add 5% to [secret project]
  • teacosy 80% complete
  • make three shopping bags (seeing some people this weekend who want ’em)

3 Responses to “wednesday KPIs”

  1. Kim said

    Update: Secret project recipient will now be arriving no later than the 5th of December due to what looks like Cephalopelvic Disproportion (yep, baby is TOO BIG to come out by herself). Will have an update next Thursday…

  2. Carson said

    Wow,that demonstrates a terrifying commitment to the bar graph (if not to the actual goal) 😉

  3. greenolive said

    Living without perfection – a significant milestone. One I’m still trying to come to terms with!

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