a blatant bid for sympathy

28 December 2007


I had this post all planned out – I had a lovely picture of some cobwebs to start with, and a joke about the blog being a bit dusty, and then a segue into some finished projects to show off, and a brief synopsis of my christmas activities.

But I’m sick. And I feel like having a really good moan, because it’s 7am and I’ve been awake for 2 hours but Mr Ali is still sleeping and I have no-one to moan to. I had a sore throat on the night of the 25th, which I thought was just from too much chatting and wine. But things developed, and this morning every bone is aching, my nose is leaking like a tap, my eyes are watery, and I have alternate bouts of sweaty fever and shivers.

We were meant to be taking off on our summer holiday today. Instead, will be staying on the couch sipping tea, until the chemist opens, and then I am going to send Mr Ali out for drugs, tissues and eucalyptus oil.

Pretty pictures will return soon. Hope you’re enjoying your holidays.


buy handmade

9 December 2007

I was very taken with the idea of Buy Handmade, especially with the ‘and request that others do the same for me’ bit.

It’s not really working out for me though.  The people I need to buy for (Mr A, my parents, my grandmother, whichever of the rellies is hosting christmas dinner) asked (respectively) for:

  • books and Sydney Festival tickets
  • really we have everything we need, but you could get us that book…
  • just remember that anything you get me now you’ll probably be tossing out when I die, so get me something consumable.
  • books and bring some booze

None of the above are available on Etsy.

So I decided to do my bit for Buy Handmade by buying myself a bunch of stuff that I would like to receive – cleverly neutralising any useless dud gifts by getting exactly what I want and supporting my friendly local craftsperson.  Genius, no?

(pictures of my glorious spending blowout over the break) Read the rest of this entry »

away they go

4 December 2007


:: postcards for a swap.

Because adding to your to-do list is such a great way to stop it feeling overwhelming, don’t you think?

I need one of these.  Or maybe several.  And perhaps the same slogan on a mouse mat, some undies, all my pens, and the side of every bus in Sydney.

But hopefully







Christina and


will all enjoy their postcards.   Merry whatever-you-celebrate-this-time-of-year, ladies.

priyanka’s bag

2 December 2007

Priyanka is the child I sponsor in India, through ChildFund. She’s seven, and lives in Chhattisgarh with her parents and her brother. For thirty three dollars a month, she gets vaccinated and educated, and her village gets farming assistance, women’s education, a water supply, and a medical clinic.

I write letters to her, and I can send gifts as long as they fit into a standard envelope. Usually I find small picture books or stickers, but this time I decided to make her something instead. A little shoulder bag. When I was her age, I adored little bags to keep my little treasures in. Five cent pieces, and bits of coloured glass, and gumnuts, and scraps of paper with important things written on them, and my gold crayon.

Made from the left over bits of the pant-skirt; and some original 1940s cotton print inherited from my grandmother.