priyanka’s bag

2 December 2007

Priyanka is the child I sponsor in India, through ChildFund. She’s seven, and lives in Chhattisgarh with her parents and her brother. For thirty three dollars a month, she gets vaccinated and educated, and her village gets farming assistance, women’s education, a water supply, and a medical clinic.

I write letters to her, and I can send gifts as long as they fit into a standard envelope. Usually I find small picture books or stickers, but this time I decided to make her something instead. A little shoulder bag. When I was her age, I adored little bags to keep my little treasures in. Five cent pieces, and bits of coloured glass, and gumnuts, and scraps of paper with important things written on them, and my gold crayon.

Made from the left over bits of the pant-skirt; and some original 1940s cotton print inherited from my grandmother.

10 Responses to “priyanka’s bag”

  1. Helen said

    fantastic. Cute bag, she’ll love it.

  2. kelly said

    This is an adorable bag…I am sure she will love it! -kb

  3. Nice bag and even nicer reason for making it.

  4. macati said

    she will love it so much! thank you for making a child happy and feeling loved!

  5. fiona said

    i’m sure she will love it, what a cool person you are!

  6. greenolive said

    she will love it, especially cause you made it for her!

  7. estaki said

    gorgeous bag – did you find out if she liked it?

  8. pintoo said

    Lovely gesture from you. i am sure the girl is goin to love this.

  9. […] this little bag that I made as a gift to Priyanka, who is the child I sponsor ? I got a letter from the project last week, […]

  10. Very descriptive blog, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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