buy handmade

9 December 2007

I was very taken with the idea of Buy Handmade, especially with the ‘and request that others do the same for me’ bit.

It’s not really working out for me though.  The people I need to buy for (Mr A, my parents, my grandmother, whichever of the rellies is hosting christmas dinner) asked (respectively) for:

  • books and Sydney Festival tickets
  • really we have everything we need, but you could get us that book…
  • just remember that anything you get me now you’ll probably be tossing out when I die, so get me something consumable.
  • books and bring some booze

None of the above are available on Etsy.

So I decided to do my bit for Buy Handmade by buying myself a bunch of stuff that I would like to receive – cleverly neutralising any useless dud gifts by getting exactly what I want and supporting my friendly local craftsperson.  Genius, no?

(pictures of my glorious spending blowout over the break)


:: married metal cufflinks by Melanie Ihnen

Melanie is a Sydney jewellery designer (and a friend of a friend too).  You can buy her work at the Powerhouse Museum shop in Sydney, and online at oyemodern.  I love cufflinks because I have a weakness for sharp tailored shirts and all the little gentleman’s accoutrements that go with them.  I bought one of Melanie’s rings at her graduation exhibition – a beautiful heavy silver ring with a small green stone – and stupidly lost it, so I’m going to ask her to make me another one.


:: silver brooch by Bridget Kennedy

You will find her pieces at The Hive Gallery in Canberra and other places listed on her website.


:: pierced silver pendant by elk accessories.

(shown on the gorgeous felt pouch it was packaged in)

Elk accessories are here, and have a range of bangles, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and bags in wood, resin, silver and felt.

5 Responses to “buy handmade”

  1. Bianca said

    Hi Alison,

    I received your lovely card..thank you so much! Have a lovely festive season yourself.


  2. Anna said

    Genius! Why didn’t I think of that?

    Looks like I’ve got some shopping to do….

  3. greenolive said

    That brooch is divine! Does your grandmother really say that?

  4. A said

    greenolive – yes she really does. She issued an edict some years ago that she is only to be given ‘consumables’ so all her xmas presents are things like scotch and posh biscuits and nice tea and fancy soap. She’s very pragmatic, my nanna.

  5. melissa said

    you have amazing taste in jewellery- i can tell you enjoyed your shopping!

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