a blatant bid for sympathy

28 December 2007


I had this post all planned out – I had a lovely picture of some cobwebs to start with, and a joke about the blog being a bit dusty, and then a segue into some finished projects to show off, and a brief synopsis of my christmas activities.

But I’m sick. And I feel like having a really good moan, because it’s 7am and I’ve been awake for 2 hours but Mr Ali is still sleeping and I have no-one to moan to. I had a sore throat on the night of the 25th, which I thought was just from too much chatting and wine. But things developed, and this morning every bone is aching, my nose is leaking like a tap, my eyes are watery, and I have alternate bouts of sweaty fever and shivers.

We were meant to be taking off on our summer holiday today. Instead, will be staying on the couch sipping tea, until the chemist opens, and then I am going to send Mr Ali out for drugs, tissues and eucalyptus oil.

Pretty pictures will return soon. Hope you’re enjoying your holidays.

6 Responses to “a blatant bid for sympathy”

  1. Carson said

    Well I can provide not only sympathy, but empathy as well. I got that same sore throat on xmas eve night, but ignored it. Ta da! I too have the loverly sneezy fevery shivery pounding head thing since xmas day, it’s great having the flu in summer hols innit? yay.
    wishing you virtual codrals and sudafeds.

  2. Amy said

    Get better soon. Having a cold in summer just sux!

  3. Dawn said

    I too can provide both sympathy and empathy as well. Mine started Christmas eve day. It’s winter where I am, and a cold when it’s cold is equally as bad! Feel better soon!

  4. greenolive said

    ah, it must be doing the rounds. I’ve read about another blogger here in Melb with a bug and my sister in brisbane spent Christmas day in bed and on a trip to the hospital! Hope you are feeling better now.

  5. Thank you very much for the post card. I wish you a joyful New Year!

  6. A said

    Thanks kids. It was indeed a ‘popular’ bug and it’s now mostly gone.

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