one for me

20 January 2008


Oh, the hypocrisy! Yeah, I was all virtuous and smug about making cloth shopping bags for other people, but wasn’t using one myself.
No longer. One to keep in my work bag, for emergency purchases on the way home.

I’ve refined the original pattern so much that I’m almost ready to call it mine. This one uses french seams on the outside to make it easier to fold; and the pocket is much neater.

I realise there’s not been much action round here lately. I’m actually trying to stay away from crafty things for a while – I have some decisions to make and sometimes it’s too easy to avoid them, to distract myself with small pretty controllable things.


housekeeping and a niggle

12 January 2008

You may notice I’ve tidied up the blogroll below.  In the interests of keeping things simple, I’ve decided it’ll only contain my desert island blogs.  If you were there and you aren’t now, it’s not that I don’t read your blog (you’re still in my feedburner).  Consider yourself in good company – I delinked Craft Magazine and Whip-Up too.

Now, a small niggle.   Remember this post about the bag I made for my sponsored child?  Someone has reproduced the photo and the full text in their blog, adding only one line of text before hand, something along the lines of “look what I have for you today” (I’m not going to link to it, because I don’t want to send them any traffic).  The title of their post links back to my original post, the photo url is my photo url.  Their site has ads on it, so depending on how much traffic they get, they are making money out of my work.

I am uncomfortable about this.  It’s not quite stealing, but it’s pretty lazy. I’ve now put a note on the about page which states the bleeding obvious about copyright, and asks people not to reproduce things without my permission.

friday 5

12 January 2008

The “what I did on my holidays” edition.

1. Sick.

2. Wine. We went tasting and very tasty it was too. May I recommend you seek out Tamburlaine?


3. Beach. Above: sun and sea. Below: sunburnt knees.


Ouch! It was a week before I could go outside uncovered.


4. Food. My new favourite breakfast is goats cheese and fresh peaches on wholegrain toast. My second-favourite is avocado, lemon juice and tomato on toast. I’ve also made raspberry sorbet; and a Spanish icecream with sherry and praline. I think I may becoming a foodie.


5. Think. How to live, where to live, what to do, what matters, who matters. Not finished yet. Ever noticed how you can’t unthink a thought?


those nanna socks

2 January 2008


Finally finished at 1am on christmas morning.

Pattern from Paton’s Family Sock Book, circa early 1950s.


the secret project…

2 January 2008

… is secret no longer.


(click to enlarge)

One baby blanket, 20 squares, finished size 1.25m x 1m, for Miss Sarah, currently aged about 4 weeks.

Note to any other friends who are thinking of getting knocked up:  kindly hold off for at least two years or all you’ll get from me is a pair of bootees.