friday 5

12 January 2008

The “what I did on my holidays” edition.

1. Sick.

2. Wine. We went tasting and very tasty it was too. May I recommend you seek out Tamburlaine?


3. Beach. Above: sun and sea. Below: sunburnt knees.


Ouch! It was a week before I could go outside uncovered.


4. Food. My new favourite breakfast is goats cheese and fresh peaches on wholegrain toast. My second-favourite is avocado, lemon juice and tomato on toast. I’ve also made raspberry sorbet; and a Spanish icecream with sherry and praline. I think I may becoming a foodie.


5. Think. How to live, where to live, what to do, what matters, who matters. Not finished yet. Ever noticed how you can’t unthink a thought?


One Response to “friday 5”

  1. Ann-Margret said

    I just stumbled across your blog and your breakfast dish caught my eye. I can’t wait to try those delicious-sounding combos! Thanks for the inspiration. 😀

    (It’s about time I start eating healthier anyway!)

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