housekeeping and a niggle

12 January 2008

You may notice I’ve tidied up the blogroll below.  In the interests of keeping things simple, I’ve decided it’ll only contain my desert island blogs.  If you were there and you aren’t now, it’s not that I don’t read your blog (you’re still in my feedburner).  Consider yourself in good company – I delinked Craft Magazine and Whip-Up too.

Now, a small niggle.   Remember this post about the bag I made for my sponsored child?  Someone has reproduced the photo and the full text in their blog, adding only one line of text before hand, something along the lines of “look what I have for you today” (I’m not going to link to it, because I don’t want to send them any traffic).  The title of their post links back to my original post, the photo url is my photo url.  Their site has ads on it, so depending on how much traffic they get, they are making money out of my work.

I am uncomfortable about this.  It’s not quite stealing, but it’s pretty lazy. I’ve now put a note on the about page which states the bleeding obvious about copyright, and asks people not to reproduce things without my permission.

8 Responses to “housekeeping and a niggle”

  1. Bec said

    Very slack – and very wrong! I would be feeling uncomfortable too.
    …maybe you should ask them for a cut of their advertising profits :P…

  2. cindyiscrafty said

    Very, very wrong. You can delete your pic in your post and then add it again, but renaming it and it will drop it from their post. Most likely they won’t catch it and it will lead them back to you!

  3. Jenaveve said

    I agree with cindyiscrafty – the renaming thing. Would also be sending them a nasty note, how dare they do this without your permission for the purpose of making money from your work!

  4. macati said

    yeah that looks like a great idea! renaming and nasty notes rule!

  5. Karyn said

    I’m so sorry that this happened to you, but thank you for writing about it. I hadn’t even thought about it before, but you inspired me to add copyright info to my blog. Thank you!

  6. Helen said

    this IS stealing. It is theft, and just because you don’t make money from your blog, doesn’t make it any less so. Write to the offending person making it clear that they are in breach of copyright laws – if there is a contact (there usually isn’t). 😦

    This sort of thing is a constant problem for me, and wastes a lot of time chasing up. Because mine is an income-earning blog, I need to deal with it, as the copied page can cause my original to drop from Google.

  7. Kate said

    Helen is quite correct – this is stealing! Intellectual property is property as much as a purse or a car – good luck in getting the post taken down.

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