one for me

20 January 2008


Oh, the hypocrisy! Yeah, I was all virtuous and smug about making cloth shopping bags for other people, but wasn’t using one myself.
No longer. One to keep in my work bag, for emergency purchases on the way home.

I’ve refined the original pattern so much that I’m almost ready to call it mine. This one uses french seams on the outside to make it easier to fold; and the pocket is much neater.

I realise there’s not been much action round here lately. I’m actually trying to stay away from crafty things for a while – I have some decisions to make and sometimes it’s too easy to avoid them, to distract myself with small pretty controllable things.


9 Responses to “one for me”

  1. allison said

    Will you publish a pattern for the bag? I love its carrying case–you did (do) a beautiful job.

  2. A said

    I might, though I’m a bit cautious because it is based on a commercial copyright one, originally. I did also think that if I took the plunge and started selling on Etsy, I might sell these.

  3. fiona said

    i think if you make more than 2/3 changes it becomes yours.lets face it whoever made the orginal didnt reinvent the wheel!love the fabric, your lovely things always look so neat and calm!

  4. A said

    neat and calm is what I need right now 🙂

  5. macati said

    most of my crafts are for my friends and rarely make for myself…

  6. kath said

    what commercial pattern was it originally?

  7. Ali said

    It came from a Japanese book called ECO – the ISBN is 4-8347-2454-9.

  8. Helen said

    omg, it’s gorgeous. I so want one.

  9. greenolive said

    I hear you, good luck with the decisions. Isn’t it funny how we don’t make stuff for ourselves that often? I got a handmade Christmas present from my sister and it was so nice to get something handmade.

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