a tale of two tops

29 February 2008


:: project 1 – the ladybird top

A few weeks ago Sally came to visit me for the weekend. On Sunday it rained and we were tired, so instead of going to Hope St Markets, we decided to stay in and have Sally teach me to sew knits. The talented minx traced my favourite t-shirt to make a pattern and we set about making a top out of a remnant I’d bought on impulse.

me: So, I’ve laid this out – should I measure from the fold to make sure it’s straight?

Sally: Nah. It’s a knit. It’ll stretch.

me: Oh no! I’m not sure it’s symetrical round the neckline

Sally. No worries. It’s a knit. It’ll stretch.

me: That sleeve cap is really shallow – is it going to fit?

Sally: It’ll be fine. It’s a knit. It’ll stretch.

me: Do I need to finish this seam?

Sally. Nah. It’s a knit. It won’t fray.

By the time Sally left, I had a top. She left me with strict instructions about hemming it, which I haven’t done, because (a) I am lazy; (b) my sewing machine has been in for a service; (c) I don’t want it any shorter; and (d) it’s a knit. It won’t fray, right?

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sow’s ear

24 February 2008

You cannot, so the saying goes, make a sillk purse out of a sow’s ear.


You can, however, make a silk purse out of some recycled sari yarn, some linen scraps, and a button. Though it might be a bit hairy and wonky.


But you can tell yourself those are design features in the wabi sabi tradition. And in any case, making it will keep you occupied late into the night while you’re waiting for the coffee to wear off so you can go to bed.

you make my day

22 February 2008


So while I was off thinking, a couple of people nominated me for the ‘You Make My Day’ award.  Ungrateful lazy sod that I am, I forgot who they were and didn’t say thank you either.

Sorry.  Very rude of me.

I think the rule is, I have to spread the love and pass it on.  Mette, Shannon, Martine, Sally, and Meghan, you all make my day.   So do the rest of you, actually.  I am still bloody thrilled that people like what I do.



22 February 2008


:: very quick and easy bag to wrap a present.

Basically, two sacks inside each other, one some linen left over from this, the other some polka-dot cotton.  The ribbon is sandwiched in the bottom and top seams.  Fold the top over, tie it up, and your gift looks fifty times more thoughtful than it already was.  Plus, the recipient can feel virtuous by reusing it to wrap something else.  Everyone’s a winner!

thinking with my fingers

22 February 2008


:: Mirasol Hacho shade 308

This is going to be a jumper.  Snuggly with a small rib and maybe a few cables so I don’t get bored on the way.  Deep blues and purples with little flashes of colour.


These are me trying to work out a colour combination that would use up all those leftover balls stashed away.


This is me rejecting all of the above and buying new colours.  The blue still needs to be brighter.

I’m going to make a sleeveless vest that embraces my secret preppy side, the side that wants to be all squeaky clean and tidy and ralph-lauren-esque.