still here

15 February 2008

 Yes, that was rather a long silence.  It’s been an odd summer – much more rain and much more thinking than I’m used to.  Many deep and heartfelt thanks to the real-life people who sat through the thinking and the details and patted shoulders and offered tissues and advice.  The consequence of all that thinking is, I’m moving cities sometime in the next 2 months.  From Australia’s biggest city to the actual capital city, which is much smaller.  Not that momenteous, you might think, but it’s all that stuff that welled up when I had to decide.  All that “where-is-my-life-going” and “is-this-it-is-this-as-good-as-it-gets” and “what-do-I-really-want-to-do” and “am-I-cutting-off-my-options” and “what-matters” stuff.

So.  That’s where I’ve been.  “Yeah, whatever, we’re here for the craft, not the heartache” say the readers.  Then craft you shall have.  Look!   I made two hats and a scarf.

morzine hat

:: hat for my brother in France.  Improvised pattern, JoSharp 8ply wool.


:: hat and scarf for Bee in Holland.  Improvised patterns, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino chunky.

10 Responses to “still here”

  1. kath said

    Amazing that you can knit in Sydney in summer! I love the hat & scarf ensemble. It’s a good time to be in Canberra, now that John Howard et al are gone. It’s a shame about the brick bus stops straight out of 1973 though. Congratulations on arriving at a decision.

  2. Jac said

    I live in Canberra and I love it!…And it’s starting to get a bit of a funky crafty scene happening down here too!

  3. That girl from that blog said

    Wow! Real Canberra people reading my blog! I was hoping I could de-lurk some readers to tell me where the cool stuff is 🙂

  4. Jenny said

    missed ya!
    Hope you are orright. Nothing is forever, nothing is wasted.
    Seize the change, seize the adventure…

    glad you’re back

  5. Jac said

    It’s actually the first time I’ve visited your blog! I’m no lurker. I linked here from NikkiShell blog, who put a link to your wasp bag pattern! Then I was pleasantly surprised to see a mention of Canberra (we never get mentioned anywhere! LOL). 🙂

  6. Nettie said

    I’m sure you’ll settle in and feel right at home here in Canberra, Ali. There is a fabulous fabric store in Phillip (no need to ever shop online for fabric again), and some very friendly sewists and knitters. Remember me? I won a gorgeous 70s pattern book and some lovely alpaca from the thrift store story comp on your blog some time back. Oh, and there’s many a fabulous thrift store here, but also some devilishy clever thrift store shoppers, too.

  7. Those are improvised patterns? They are fantastic! Glad to see you still here, and congrats on making your way through a big decision.

  8. Helen said

    oh, we might be moving to Canberra at the end of the year. will have to find an S&B there. There’s one in my current town, though I rarely have time to go. I’m looking forward to the war museum (currently an exhibition of Lawrence of Arabia, one of my heroes) and the National Gallery, and the bike tracks. A bit apprehensive about other stuff.

    I hope the move works out for you.

    Nice hats.

  9. Bee Sharp said

    Hey! And I got the hat and scarf, and have been too slack to take a photo of it being worn here in the appropriate weather. And now I’m even more impressed that it was improvised. Thanks love.

  10. Nettie said

    Just to let you know, Ali and Helen, there is a VERY active S&B here in Canberra. Several meetings a month, and very friendly knitters.

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