you make my day

22 February 2008


So while I was off thinking, a couple of people nominated me for the ‘You Make My Day’ award.  Ungrateful lazy sod that I am, I forgot who they were and didn’t say thank you either.

Sorry.  Very rude of me.

I think the rule is, I have to spread the love and pass it on.  Mette, Shannon, Martine, Sally, and Meghan, you all make my day.   So do the rest of you, actually.  I am still bloody thrilled that people like what I do.



4 Responses to “you make my day”

  1. Michelle said

    Just wanted to say hi! I come by here and check you out every so often, it’s such a peaceful place to look around.


  2. Mette said

    Thank you, Ali. You made my day! I think it is fantanstic, when someone likes my work and want to give me an award. Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Meghan said

    Very sweet, and back at ya!

  4. greenolive said

    Thank you for saying so!

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