sow’s ear

24 February 2008

You cannot, so the saying goes, make a sillk purse out of a sow’s ear.


You can, however, make a silk purse out of some recycled sari yarn, some linen scraps, and a button. Though it might be a bit hairy and wonky.


But you can tell yourself those are design features in the wabi sabi tradition. And in any case, making it will keep you occupied late into the night while you’re waiting for the coffee to wear off so you can go to bed.

5 Responses to “sow’s ear”

  1. Ash said

    It is so pretty! And a perfect, waiting for coffee to wear off, project!

  2. melanie said

    the colors are gorgeous. yay for caffeine inspired projects!

  3. Dew said

    Felted? Not felted? Very sweet, in either case!

  4. Kristi said

    Love it! it’s so cute and practical.

  5. seagreen said

    I am loving it – thankyou! It makes the perfect yoga pass and coffee money purse for little trips into the village…

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